The Diary of Edward the Hamster 1990-1990 by Miriam & Ezra Elia – Review

Diary of Edward

Miriam Elia & Ezra Elia

Boxtree (2012), 85 pages

Foyles, £6.99

Country: England  England

Any book with a picture of a smoking hamster on the front cover can’t be all bad.  Indeed this was a book that I picked up because I’d judged the cover to be superior to the usual hamster diary cover.  As the cover plainly states this is the diary of one Edward, a hamster, during his one year tenure in his mortal cage.  Edward tries to escape the physical confines of his situation by using his enormous intellect to try and construct a meaning to his little life.

Edward clearly draws on a gloomy existentialism but he is, at times, willing to take action in the forms of physical attack or an abortive attempt at a hunger strike, “2.33 p.m. Two minutes into hunger strike.  I am strong and determined.  2.36pm.  Five minutes now.  Beginning to feel weak. . . . 2.45pm.  I have lost a gram.  Maybe more” (p.23-26).

This book is ideal for the intelligent reader who is already well versed in the works of Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, and Sarte.  It is not a particuarly long book but the combination of hilarious text and monochrome illustrations perfectly capture the dynamism of Edward’s rodent musings.



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