The Guest Cat – Quick Review


Takashi Hiraide  平出 隆 China.png

Translated by Eric Selland

Picador (2014), 144 pages

A Present

The Guest Cat tells the story of a couple living in Tokyo and the effect that a feline interloper has on their lives.  The prose is typically Japanese in that it is perfectly weighted.  Sentences are short and to the point.  However The Guest Cat feels just a bit too sparse.  It is a novella and the actual printed text is about 120 pages.  It feels maybe it should have been written as a long short story.  Despite the deeper ideas at work beneath the surface the plot never grabs me.  It’s not that I don’t like cats just that I struggled to empathise with the characters in the book (I actually have a “guest cat” of my own; some unknown neighbour’s feline that I’ve lured into my garden with pieces of ham to scare off the rats that occasionally appear at the end of my garden).  The Guest Cat is beautifully written but unfortunately, for me, the story didn’t match the writing.



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