7 Photos from Ethiopia



1 – Moving goods in Addis Ababa.

2 – Street performer Addis Ababa.  A crowd of about 30 people had gathered to watch this guy show off his football skills.  He seemed to be making a reasonable amount in tips too.

3 – After reaching camp in the Simien Mountains I went for a walk.  I climbed up a rocky hill and found these two lads sitting on a rock watching their goats on the plain below.  I’m not sure who was more surprised by the encounter.  Like many Ethiopian children they were trained to ask for pens, money, and whatever they could get.  I didn’t have anything to give them (and tried not to encourage a begging culture).  They seemed happy enough to watch themselves on a couple of videos and photos I took.  I let them take a couple of photos themselves and they were delighted to look at their skills.  Unfortunately it’s hard to know what kind of future they will have.  Child labour  accounts for a large amount of the agricultural workforce.  The tiny mountain village where these two boys lived was slated to be be demolished with the villagers moved to a town.  Hopefully there might be an opportunity for them to go to school there.

4 – My hotel was across the road from the Bus Station market and near one of the gates into the ancient Old City.  For some reason it seems to be only women who carry items on their heads.  They must have very strong necks – I saw some women struggle to lift some bags but then plonk them on their head and saunter off.

5 – Market day in Lalibela.  Lalibela market is down from the town with an avenue of stalls and shops leading into a big bowl filled with cattle, goats, and donkeys.

6 – This passenger bus was ferrying passengers through the Simien Mountains.

7 – On a Sunday the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela are filled with worshippers and pilgrims.  As far as I know the men and women worship separately.


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